28 Jan 2016

5 millioniare to watch out..

1 Sean Whalen – Aged 28yrs

Worth an estimated $10 million
Sean is a very physical entrepreneur and doesn’t mind getting in there, and really getting his pulse racing. Sean developed the AlterG treadmill, which is essentially a treadmill for use in anti-gravity. Why? Well besides it being a very good idea, it is perfect for those athletes or the elderly who have injured themselves. It allows you to train using only 20 percent of your natural body weight, which allows the user to develop strength much more adequately, safely and without causing any more pain than necessary. Did I mention Sean’s dad was a NASA research scientist? That must be where he got the idea. Brilliant.
* * * * *

2 Joshua Dziabiak – Aged 23yrs

Worth an estimated $9 million
jJoshua started his first company, a web based hosting and design site aged just 15yrs, by the time he was 18yrs he had managed to grow the business to such a degree that he sold it for $1 million. Now that’s not bad by anyone’s standards, £1 million by the age of 18yrs from a company he started as a mere boy! Since then Joshua has managed to break through yet again and is now the CEO and co-founder of Showclix.com a ticket sales company that serves over 1,000 customers a year with over 1 million sales so far! It seems Joshua doesn’t know how to fail.
* *

3 Aaron Levie – Aged 23

Worth an estimated $7 million
Aaron is the CEO of the website Box.net, for those of you that now of Box.net, here is one of the founders. Starting back in 2005 Aaron aged just 18yrs old created the website as a business project for college. The website came on in leaps and bounds through the college project and it was decided to bring the idea and project into the real world, Box.net was then officially incorporated that same year. The website business managed to gain capital from business “Angel” Mark Cuban, followed by some rather large sums of investment from third parties. The company aimed at helping businesses to share content and information internally and externally through their marketing and communication products and service.
* * * * *

4 Dylan Smith – Aged 22yrs

Worth an estimated $7 million
Dylan is the second in command at Box.net, and currently resides as the CFO there. Dylan has been the go-to-guy in a number of other various start-ups besides Box.net. Smith is the right-hand man of Aaron and focuses his efforts more towards the sales, management and budget side of the business. Together they have so far managed to raise nearly $15 million in funding for start-up corporations. I can see this pair are going to be hard to miss in the coming few years. Watch out.


5 David Karp – Aged 24yrs

Worth an estimated $5.5 million
David started the company Tumblr.com in 2007, with the aim to help anyone, share anything online. Sounds a pretty good idea, but who is actually going to use it? Well, 4.2 million of us is the latest estimation, so I think it’s not a bad idea at all. So far he has been handed $5.5 million in venture capital funding (so this personal fortune may now be more or less) and he has helped hundreds and thousands of users to share their content around the globe.
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